Business of Bubbles

A new tour of our new gallery, The Business of Bubbles, traces the evolution of the soft drink industry from the past to the present. This tour will take you through how a soft drink is created, produced, and distributed. Along the way, participants will encounter Waco history and the history of marketing sodas to the American public. Participants will not only learn about Dr Pepper, but will also get to know the stories behind Big Red and 7UP, play a few games, and experience a fun hands-on assembly line activity.

If your group has a little more time, we recommend pairing a WHDP tour with a BoB tour. This is ideal for high school age kids or older. We are happy to offer this combination to groups of smaller children as well, but like to break up the two tours by serving the samples in between.

-This program is ideal for groups of 10 – 60 people
-The content of this program is designed for people in the 3rd grade through adults
-Includes a Dr Pepper sample from the Soda Fountain
-Program lasts one hour

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