Challenger Learning Center Missions

We provide hands on STEM activities for students of all ages within the framework of a simulated space mission to complete the Challenger mission that was incomplete because of an explosion during launch. Students will be given mission briefing in our spectacular briefing room and then get to launch in our Shuttle Launch Bay, do experiments in our Space Station and work as a team from our Mission Control Room. All students must learn to communicate and work as a team to complete the goal of launching a probe into Haleys Comet and reaping the rewards of scientific data and knowledge. Our missions fulfill many TEKS requirements for Texas schools and encourage further interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. We also have a planetarium for extended lessons and are located on the TSTC campus which is perfect for tours of a Technical College and Aerospace. Each Mission is for 14 to 28 people and ranges between $350-$500 per mission or $125 for Planetarium only.